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I am a C# developer pushing at my career. I started web development in 2017 and became a junior front end web developer. I have worked my way up in becoming a front end developer, with certifications, and now I am driven in becoming a MCSA in Web Applications.
I've studied HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript (Vanilla JS, ES5, ES6, EJS), JQuery, Bootstrap (SASS), APIs, Restful APIs, Git, Node.js, Express.js, basic SQL and basic C#

I am pursuing a career in development in the direction of becoming a MCSA in Web Applications and then a MCSD App Builder and I am very focused on C#.

I am at present busy with my MCSA studies in doing my Programming in C#.

My goal is to become a MCSA and then MCSD.

I am dedicated, passionate, driven and want to go as far as i can in my career

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